Welcome to ART APART HOSTEL in Merida, Mexico!


Art Apart Hostel has a history rich in anecdotes, facets and contrasts. For more than a century Art Apart Hostel has witnessed countless moments marking the path of many travellers, which are reflected throughout the hostel.

Over the years the hostel has changed; once a barn, a house, a newspaper publisher and printing house and an agency for Studebaker cars. There’s no denying Art Apart Hostel has a unique past.lobby 9

It is impossible to talk about the history of the hostel without mentioning Manolo Rivero, but first… Who is Manolo?

He was an eccentric and passionate collector, a lover of art and antiques, a traveller, and a hedonist who found pleasure, even in the most absurd, insignificant and elemental aspects of being human. It is impossible to pigeon-hole Manolo because he lived in constant evolution. A nihilist by nature, open to infinite and alternative ideas.

In 1986 Manolo opened his first hotel and named it Hotel Trinidad in honour of his mother called Trinidad. A few years later he opened the Hotel Trinidad Galería on a large property where he lived and where he also set up his own antique shop. His shop never flourished because Manolo was a true collector who could not sell. Whenever a buyer came he would either fabricate an excuse not to sell, or give such absurd prices that nobody could afford.

The hotel was Manolo’s whim, a maze full of surprises and scares. It was his own museum housing his personal collection of artwork; a labour of love.

jardin 6In the 90’s Mark Swain began working with Manolo Rivero as manager of both hotels. Manolo adopted him as a son, and Mark’s family as his own. Years passed and Mark purchased one of the hotels with Manolo keeping the other hotel/art gallery. You could say the hotels were like siblings but handled independently from each other.

Manolo died in 2006 and Mark took ownership of the gallery hotel. He continues to this day to operate both properties as sister hotels.
In 2014 Mark made a bold move renovating and converting the gallery hotel into what is now known as Art Apart Hostel.

Today Art Apart Hostel is unique, fun and welcoming. At the core the essence and extravagance of Manolo has been preserved. A museum of art that offers all the comforts with accommodations ranging from dormitories and hammock rooms to private rooms.

Conveniently located downtown, Art Apart Hostel has the best of both worlds. It is close to all the best restaurants and shops but holds lush green gardens within it. The grounds are full of gardens with a refreshing pool area so you still feel connected to nature. The perfect balance!

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