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It just blows my mind when I realize how adventure, friendship, and all this magical things happen to us when less expected.

DCIM101GOPROI walked a few blocks out of Art apArt Hostel and got to Hennessy’s Irish pub for a couple of drinks there I met this group of frech guys who were planning on going next day to visit some cenotes, Uxmal and an hacienda. What a great plan!! They told me I could join them so I did!

The next day in the morning we met at the Zocalo, which is just a few blocks from the hostel there we had some “tortas de cochinita” and then picked up the car we rented for the day.

DCIM101GOPROFirst we drove to the village of Abalá where the Mucuyché cenotes were. We just went to one but it was amazing, it was a paradise with refreshing water. We jumped from over different heights did some flips and just had a blast!

After the cenote we headed to Uxmal (I will write more about this epic place next week).
It was like traveling back in time walking through all this ancient Mayan ruins between deep green vegetation. It was just a magical place.
Next stop was at “Hacienda San Pedro Ochil”
DCIM101GOPROWe left the car and got a ride in a “truc” (where the “hacendados” used to transport all their henequen products around the place) and arrived to the restaurant area. It was late but enjoyed of a couple of drinks and some “botanas” in a relaxing environment.
Finally on our way back to Mérida we made a last stop in Motul , a village with a beautiful catholic church with a fantastic sunset as a background. I was curious so I walked in to have a look. It was completely full and everyone was singing along to the same song. I don´t consider myself religious but this I enjoyed. Just crossing the street from the church there was a woman selling well served, delicious and inexpensive “tortas and tacos de carne asada” and local fresh drinks DCIM101GOPRO“agua de jamaica, horchata and pitaya”. After this banquet we drove back to Mérida and relaxed by the pool while having a couple drinks before going to sleep.

It was a great day, did lots of tuff and the night before this I had no idea of the great time, the friends I would make and the places I would go to on the next day.