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Screw the “Traveler vs. Tourist” campaign!

Much has been said about what it means to be a traveler and a tourist.


– the tourist is the one who is close minded, stays in a regular hotel, prefers eating at Mc Donald`s than eating local, travels in a group with other tourist and a guide and loves wearing the “I love Mérida” shirt.

– the traveler is adventurous, he will always use public transportation, he won’t take that much luggage to travel around the world, and he will spend time with locals and eat like one of them.

At least these are the stereotypes and we would say that travelers are good and tourists are bad but this is a misconception.

I really like traveling and think it is good to step out of one’s comfort zone to discover new things and go deeper in whatever places we are visiting. But some people just take all this “I’m not a tourist” too far.

chiapasThey can’t really relax and enjoy their time because they are too concerned about not looking like one of those tourists. So they won’t go to touristic places and even less take silly tourist pictures where most of the times these are great places to visit and are worth experiencing.

I think it is better just to forget stereotypes and not worry about what others think. Let’s just travel and do it the best way it works for us on an individual level. There is no right way or wrong way to be a traveler.

There are just Travelers!

– by Jas